Дверь ДБ10


1.       Rail Materials

Solid Ash / Oak

2.       Panel Materials

MDF Veneer

3.       Door Frame Materials

Solid Ash / Oak

4.       Door Trim Materials

Solid Ash / Oak

5.       Draught Strip

6.       Fittings

At the Customer's Discretion

7.       Doorset Dimensions


8.       Door Trim Dimensions


9.       Door Frame Width


10.     Finish

Prime Coat+Patina+Lacquer

11.     Production Time

1+ month

·         We can install automatic door thresholds and regular or concealed door closers.

·         We can also install custom-sized medium-density fibreboard or wooden door casings, as well as high quality panel doors.

·         Any door sets are available in custom dimensions and designs.

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